Pulmarí Fly Fishing

Fly fishing guided tours (Pesca con Mosca)

Tours from Alumine to the entire fishing zone

Rivers : Aluminé, Pulmarí, Malalco, Quillén, Calfiquitra, Kilka, Malleo, etc. Lakes: Ñorquinco, Rucachoroi, Quillén.

Pulmari Fly Fishing offers a complete service, including transfers from and to your accommodations.

For your fishing pleasure we offer many flexible tour packages. A guided trip for as many days as you chose. A guided one day tour, or half day tour. All options include professional guide, bank side camping, bank side fishing or braving the river in a boat.

Every tour includes day trip snacks and meals. Regional dishes made by our professional cook

Optional: Lodge reservation and activities for the angler's family, while he/she enjoys the perfect fishing day.

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Patagonia, beautiful place.

Place for dreams, eagerness. Particularly for us, anglers.

So many lakes and limpid rivers, virgin forests, hills and meadow…

Walking along a river or around a lake, in harmony with nature, a rod in your hand and surrounded by dream landscape.

Cast and see our fly go with the flow, notice the trout coming up in very limpid water….

Is a dream for each angler…

That's what I want to share with you.