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It is very important that you make your reservation in advance and to maintain communication before you fly to Patagonia

That way we can advise you about weather and fishing spots conditions, flies, equipment, etc.

However, the following is a general guide about some elements you must bring.

Rods and lines:

In most of the rivers we recommend light equipment. 4 or 5 Fly fishing rod, with sinking and a floating line (a "shooting" to cover any circumstances) would be enough for almost the complete season.

During the spring and autumn, the rivers carry a lot of water, so in this part of the season, heavier equipment is needed. You will have good succes fishing with a 7 or 8 rod, with sinking line.

Long leaders (no less than 2.7m - 8 or 9 feet) for the floating line nd shorter for the sinking line.


We will recommend to you the suitable fly for every moment and condition. You will need: dry flies size 12 to 18, Adams, Royal Wulff; Royal Humpy / Yellow Humpy; Irresistible Adams; Elk Hair Caddis, Stimulator.

Also promising is the foam attractor Chernobyl type number 6, 8 and 10. Nymphs in sizes 10 to 16, Zug Bug; Prince; Hare´s Ear; Pheasant Tail; emergent and caddis grubs.

Streamers en tamaños 6 al 10, Wooly Bugger; Zonkers y Rabbits, en colores negro y verde oliva.

Streamers sizes 6 to 10, green and black Wooly Bugger; Zonkers y Rabbits. From earth hoppers, ants and green worms.


Waders are necessary depending on the chosen tour. The high temperatures last seasons made them expendable, due to the warm water.

Considering the beginning and the end of the season and the differences in lake fishing, we recommend: tall waders for the spring and autumn, and light neoprenes for the summer.

We recommend you bring the ones you might have. It is a good idea to bring warm extra clothes: long, cotton underwear, to wear under the wader. A quality pair of wader boots, with anti-slide soles, to avoid falling into the water while fishing.


Considering the location of Alumine, in the middle of the "Cordillera de los Andes" the weather may vary from one day to the other, moreover, the wide range of temperature along the day ( 30º C during the day and 0º C at night). That is why we recommend you bring a coat.

It is very important to have a change of clothes (socks, trousers, t-shirt and jacket) and waterproof equipment, just in case. A cup or hat, a pair of sunglasses, sunscreen to complete the basic elements. Do not forget your camera so you will have a picture with your fabulous catch.

A rucksack or small bag, can be quite useful to carry your personal items, during the trip.


Before the Fishing tour, visit your doctor, to assure your health.

Bring every personal medicine you need. Describe your personal health condition to help us plan your activities accordingly.

Anglers and the non fishing group will obey and respect safety rules.

The customer will be insured. We always carry a first-aid kit in case of accident.